- Nail decoration that looks fierce with animal patterns is back in trend. You can also beautify your nails with animal-themed nail art. Here are some nail-art designs that can be used as inspiration, as reported by She Knows.

1. A cheetah-style spotted decoration

It's not difficult to make these cheetah-style dots on your nails. The trick, just use a nail pen that is available in many colors. Start by coloring your nails using a base color. Allow it to dry, then add the dots. If so, you can coat it with transparent nail polish.

2. Zebra stripes

Zebra stripes look very original when they are not aligned with each other. For the base color, use a bright and very catchy nail polish combined with black zebra stripes. For black stripes, you can use scotch tape, or tape. Cover the uncolored areas with tape, then color them like zebra stripes. Wait for the nail substance to dry before removing the tape.

3. Peacock Feather

Make your finger nails look beautiful with peacock feather nail art patterns. To achieve this nail art, you must first use a dark green nail polish as a base. Then, let it dry first. After that, use a nail pen to draw peacock feather details on it. You can use bright green, gold, blue, or white and silver nail pens. If you're not sure, you can look to peacock feathers for inspiration, or see the examples below. Be careful when drawing the peacock feather pattern on it.

4. Leopard Nail Art