- We've told you about our love of Color Street nails, but now we're sharing our best Color Street tips and tricks. These are tips you NEED to know that will help you keep your nails healthy and your Color Street last longer than ever!

Prep Tips for Making Your Color Walk Long Lasting

Do you love the look of Color Street nails but have trouble getting them to last? There are a few things you can do to help a beautiful manicure last so you continue to get compliments past day 1. Here are the Color Street tips you'll need to prep your nails to keep your manicure looking fresh for days.

Make sure your Color Street nail strips and hands are the right temperature. If your nail strips are too cold or hot, they won't stick either. Too cold and they will be brittle. Too warm and the adhesive will gummy. Make sure they are room temperature. Also, make sure your hands are not cold. You need the warmth of your hands to warm the adhesive on contact (but not before).

Wash your hands with dish soap. It may sound strange, but dish soap is the best thing to use to wash your hands before application. Regular hand soaps often contain oil or butter to keep your skin soft. The problem is that these oils will make your Color Street paint strips not stick as well as they could. Dish soap often contains degreaser. This will help break down the oil on your nails and hands. My personal favorite is Dawn. Degreaser works well without killing your skin.

Take care of your cuticles. Make sure your cuticles are pushed back against your nails. The adhesive on your nail strips is made to stick to your nail, not anything else. If your nail strip touches your skin or cuticles, it creates a weak point where the strip will slide off the nail more easily. A great tool to have on hand is a good cuticle pusher.

File and buff your nails before using alcohol wipes. When you file and scrub your nails, it can leave "dust" on your nails that will get between your nails and your nail strips. Do the shaping, filing, and buffing before you use the alcohol wipes. I like to use a good nail file to shape my nails, and a nail block to polish them. It gives me a good starting foundation, so it is less likely that I will break while wearing Color Street.

Use the alcohol wipes provided. You will get alcohol wipes included with your Color Street nail strips, use them right before application. But make sure you let the alcohol dry completely before proceeding.