Do you fall in love with nail art every time you see it? While nail art can look intricate and complicated to do, you may be surprised how easy some designs are to create. Yes – this means you can do these designs yourself at home! These beginner nail art tutorials show you exactly how to get the nail looks you’ve been drooling over on Pinterest and Instagram. All you need is your favourite nail polish and a few nail art essentials and you’re on your way to give everyone else nail envy!

8 Beginner Nail Art Tips and Hacks

1. Always use a base coat and top coat
2. Use a bobby pin to create perfectly round polka dots
3. Use reinforcement stickers for half moons and French manicures
4. Dip wet nails into a bowl of cold/ice water to dry them faster
5. Outline your nails with glue to clean up excess nail polish
6. Apply studs or rhinestones with a toothpick
7. Use tape to create perfect lines (make sure the polish underneath is perfectly dry before applying tape on top)
8. Apply nail polish on a cosmetic sponge to create ombre nail art

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