With clear nails, I still get all of the benefits of shellac. My nails look “done,” they are thicker, and they don’t break. Also, I CAN PAINT THEM WHATEVER COLOR I WANT, change the color easily, and it will last waaaaay longer than if I had no shellac underneath. I love the minimalist nail art trend that’s happening right now, so lately I have been adding my own minimalist nail art designs over the top of my clear shellac.

Multi-colored dots nail art!

I ended up painting little dots of nail polish over the top of my clear shellac for a colorful, minimalistic, nail. Pro tip: To make the dots, use the end of a bobby pin. You could also purchase dotted nail wraps.
I used Sharpie for the black because I couldn’t get the top off of my dark nail polish. Seriously, I tried everything to get that top off, including nutcrackers. I suppose you could do all the dots with different colored Sharpies if you wanted to. You would just have to put individual dots of clear polish over each dot because the Sharpie smears easily.