- No need to go to the salon to get beautiful and healthy nails. Even with natural ingredients that we often encounter, we can get shiny nails. As reported by, there are 10 ingredients that can be used to treat nails to make them more beautiful and shiny. What are these ingredients? Immediately, see the details below.

1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is proven to make nails more shiny. The trick is to massage the finger nails using warm olive oil.

2. Lemons

Want to have cleaner and white nails? Apply lemon juice on your nails.

3. Petroleum jelly

After or before showering, slather your nails with petroleum jelly for shinier nails.

4. Butter

Melt the butter and apply it to your nails. That way, you can get shiny nails.

5. Baby Oil

Lukewarm baby oil can be used to treat your nails.

6. Fish Oil

Fish oil is good for your body as well as your nails. Apply fish oil on your fingernails to get healthy and shiny nails.

7. Avocado and Rosewater

Mix avocado and rose water, then use it to smear your nails. As a result, you can get nails with all the pink color.

8. Warm Water

Dip your fingernails in warm water then you can get healthier nails.

9. Cucumber Fruit

Pieces of cucumber or cucumber juice can be directly applied to the fingernails.

10. Scrubs

To remove dead skin cells, use a scrub to clean your nails once a week.

To keep your nails healthy, get rid of the habit of biting your nails. If you use nail polish, make sure to really clean it properly every time you change the color of the nail polish.