- Even though it's only a small part of the body, nails have an important role. From nails we can know the level of cleanliness and tidiness of a person. Instead of being labeled as a dirty girl, take care of your nails, please!

Take note, here, the equipment that must be prepared to care for and beautify nails.

Antiseptic fluid

Before doing the treatment, sterilize your fingernails and toenails for antiseptic liquid to kill germs and bacteria that stick. Also use the liquid on all nail equipment that will be used.


Its function is as a substitute for nail clippers that can shape and tidy up the ends of the nails. There are several options for the shape of the nail tip. There are several choices of nail tip shapes (oval, round, and square) that can be applied to our nails. To be perfect, you should adjust the shape of the nail tip with the shape of your fingernails and fingertips to make it look beautiful.

Cuticle softener and cuticle scissors

Cuticles on the nails will grow every two weeks. If you don't clean your nails, it's easy to spread germs, so you have to be diligent about cleaning them. Before removing cuticles with special scissors, use a cuticle softener for easy cleaning. If you are not proficient, use the services of a manicurist/nailist to avoid infection.


It is very important to clean the cuticle pieces that are still stuck around the nails.


If the nail surface is uneven or slightly wavy, use a buffer to flatten it. This tool also gives shine to your nails, but only temporarily.


To clean the dirt on the inside of the nail, use a stick with a pointed tip wrapped in cotton so that the dirt can be removed easily.


remover Use nail surface cleaner as the last step in the nail care stage, before proceeding to the nail coloring stage. CC