- Whether you head to the salon for a nail polish or treat yourself to an at-home mani-pedi, it's important to take care of your fingernails — and toenails, too. Grove knew that maintaining healthy-looking nails could be a challenge. Housework and outdoor activities easily cause nails to weaken and brittle, leading to peeling and breaking of nails. Not to mention that conventional nail polish and gel nail polish can also eat away at your nail enamel.

Consistent nail care using natural nail care products - from hydrating cuticle oils to the best natural nail polishes to non-toxic nail polish removers - will help strengthen, not split, your nails.

Check out our list of the best natural nail care products below — they're eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and better for your hands and feet.

1. Terra Nail Polish Beauty Bar

Set up a manicure station in your own home and top it off with these incredible Terra Beauty Bars Nail Polishes in all your favorite colors. This natural nail polish is free of the ten nasty chemicals found in many of its competitors' polishes.

2. Terra Beauty Bar 7-Piece Manicure Kit

Pampering your nails with a at-home mani-pedi just got easier with the Terra Beauty Bars 7-Piece Manicure Set. This kit contains unscented cuticle oil, nail file, touch brush, one large nail clipper, cuticle pusher and nail buff block for the perfect manicure.

3. Terra Beauty Bars Soy Plant Based Paint Remover

A Grove exclusive that you don't want to be disappointed with, these Soy Plant-Based Paint Remover Terra Beauty Bars are a potent plant-based nail polish remover to help nourish nails instead of tackling them with harsh chemicals while you're removing old color.

4. Naturally Hydrating London Rosehip Cuticle Oil with Willow Bark

An easy-to-use cuticle pen that conditions dry cuticles and promotes healthy nails, and skin. A wonderful combination of hydration and moisturizer to heal dry cuticles and soften, which promotes healthy nails.

5. Terra Beauty Bars Growth Base Layer

Made in the USA, Terra Beauty Bar's exclusive GROVE nail care line features salon quality, beautiful colors and staples for all seasons. These polishes are always vegan, cruelty-free, and 10-free (without the 10 toxic ingredients that are normal in nail varnishes).

6. Terra Beauty Bars 2 in 1 Top and Base Coat

When it comes to making salon-quality polishes without toxic ingredients, Terra Beauty Bars really does it. Terra Beauty Bars 2 in 1 Top and Base Coat is a must-have mani-pedi with a dual purpose. It can be used as a base coat for a glossy, natural look or as a top coat to cover and extend studs.