- Often times the red color on the nails is avoided because the color is too flashy. Usually, Byrdie writes, red will be used for formal events at night, such as weddings and others. However, you can actually use red on your nails for various events, including for an everyday look.

Not only do you color your nails completely red, you can play with patterns and pair them with other beautiful colors. So, friends, you don't need to worry when you feel like wearing red nail polish to work or just hanging out with friends.

1. Red Swoosh

If you choose to use only one color, you can try red swoosh. This pattern is also not that difficult for you to try at home yourself, with the help of a stripping brush to create neater curves.

2. Red Roses

Red is synonymous with roses. Why not create your own rose garden which is so special and beautiful that is depicted on your nails?

3. Silver and Red

French manicure trend will never die. In fact, now many people are developing it by adding and playing with other colors, including red and silver.

4. Blue Squiggles

Red does not always have to be side by side with matching colors. You can also match baby blue with bright red on your nails.

5. Strawberries and Mushrooms

You can also make red colors into strawberries or mushrooms. Let your imagination play with this fiery red color. Through these five recommendations, you can now use red nail art wherever you want to go, including to the office or to various non-formal events.