- The same activities at home can make you bored. Well, it seems now you are very bored, right? Why not try learning nail art at home? Here are some lists of fall nail art trends that you should learn and try to apply to your nails. This nail art trend has actually been around since late summer. For those of you who haven't had the chance to try it yet, maybe now is the right time to try the following rising trends in beautiful art:

1. White French-Tipped Nails

Yes, you must have often heard, maybe even getting bored. But it's true that French-Tip Nails will still be trending even this Fall 2020. If you have an almond nail shape, a thin curve with white on the tip of the nail will be the perfect design for you.

2. Multi-Colored French-Tip Nails

If you are not ready with the classic white color like the first choice, or you don't want to decorate your nails with only one color, then you can still use French-Tip Nails with the various colors you want. You can adapt the colors to fall or just use all the colors you want.

3. Single Line Nails

The polka dot pattern was a trend last spring and summer, but now its existence is starting to fade. So, instead of polka dots, this fall's trend is single line nails. Thin geometric lines decorating a beautiful nude base color is a trend that is very easy for you to practice at home. This design is very minimalist and elegant.

4. Split Nails

Do you really like playing with colors? Confused about what color nail art? Then consider this one split nail. Make a pretty gradient for fall with the same pattern on all the nails. You can decorate one nail with two colors. Blue and brown, for example, or yellow and brown. Besides being beautiful, split nails are also easy to practice. You only need stickers or tape to cover half of your nails before you start coloring them.

5. Neutral Nails

If you recently cut your nails very short, you can consider neutral colors or nude colors to decorate your nails. Classic designs with nude colors are still a trend this fall.

6. Nail Tips Trend

If you are bored with French-tip nail designs, you can try redesigning the tips of your nails. Just make a regular thin curve like a French-tip then add little dots underneath. Create this design with your favorite fall colors.

7. Pop Art Nail Trend

Comic books are coming back to life in 2020 and if you are a diehard comic fan, you can forget about the fall colors and start creating pop nail art designs. Paint your nails with a base of your favorite pop colors, then apply black on the outline. After that, just add a thin white line on the side. Explosion! You have successfully created Pop-Art.