- Like a great new haircut or a great skincare regimen, beautiful, well-groomed nails are an integral part of your look. Unfortunately, many people forget about nail care, or perhaps don't consider it as important as other body parts. In fact, keeping nails healthy and beautiful is easy, you know. In fact, it doesn't even need to be too expensive. Want to know how? Let's see!

Tips for Beautiful and Healthy Nails

To keep your nails beautiful and healthy, there are several tips you can try, namely:

1. Don't Cut Cuticles

Whether at the salon or at home, never cut your cuticles when caring for your nails. Cuticles are a natural barrier for fungi and bacteria. Once you cut it, the protection will disappear. This will not only make the cuticles worse, it can even trigger an infection in the nail bed. It's also not impossible if the nails will be permanently damaged.

2. Limit Manicure Procedures

Manicure is a very popular nail treatment. For a moment maybe this beauty procedure makes nails look beautiful. However, if you do this too often, it can make your nails dry and brittle. The cause is likely to be exposure to the chemicals used during the procedure.

3. Reduce Use of Acetone

Acetone is often used to remove nail polish or polish. Occasionally might not be a problem. However, if you use it too often, acetone can make your nails brittle and damaged.

4. Avoid Using Rough Sandpaper

Filing nails using a sanding board may be done frequently so that the nails are beautiful and smooth. In fact, this habit is actually dangerous, lo. Sanding nails with coarse sandpaper can lead to the appearance of small cracks and fissures, leading to damage and tears in the nails. So, if you want to sand your nails, make sure the sandpaper isn't rough.

Using fine sandpaper on nails is fine, as long as it's done correctly. Sand the nails slowly so as not to damage the nails, and only in one direction.

5. Moisturize Nail Base and Cuticles

To keep your nails beautiful, moisturizing your nail bed will help your nails grow. It can also make cuticles look better and help protect nails from breaking due to lack of moisture. If your nails are prone to breaking, it could indicate that they need moisture. Applying oil around the cuticles can help moisturize the entire nail, which will reduce the incidence of cracked and split nails.

6. Do not wash your hands excessively

Increased awareness of cleanliness during a pandemic has made many people wash their hands diligently. This of course is a good thing. However, if excessive of course another story. Not only does it have an impact on the skin, washing your hands excessively can also make your nails damaged and not beautiful anymore, you know. The solution is to avoid excessive hand washing and use moisturizer in the cuticle area several times a day.

When doing housework, minimize contact with harsh chemicals, including dishwashing liquid. By wearing rubber gloves whenever possible.

7. Take Biotin Supplements

As long as you eat a healthy and varied diet, you don't need any dietary supplements to guarantee strong nails. However, people with weak nails can take biotin supplements. Biotin supplements are useful for strengthening and growing nails.

Well, that's a discussion about tips on keeping your nails beautiful and healthy. Actually, it's quite easy to take care of the health and beauty of your nails, right?